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Website for Clerkenwell commercial real estate agency


Take London’s oldest City Fringe commercial real estate agency and update their brand. At the same time bring the way they communicate with their clients into the 21st Century!


An old fashioned eponymous business that is looking to attract clients In the media and tech space. They need a website that is easy to use, stylish and gives a real sense of the business.


The most significant change was that we renamed the business “Susskind”. We began by conducting brand strategy workshops to understand what makes them tick and what gets them out of bed in the morning. We then created user journeys, wireframes, and a new sitemap for the website. This resulted in a new, fresh brand that is supported digitally on both the website and social media. Everything is on brand and has a consistent look and feel. The website has an API which syncs to the Agents Society portal allowing the team at Susskind to get their properties onto the market faster than the competition. 

Here are some of the key elements of the new Susskind brand

Modern and sophisticated: The new brand reflects the contemporary and stylish nature of Susskind’s real estate offering.
Emotional and aspirational: The new brand evokes a sense of luxury and exclusivity, while also appealing to the aspirational desires of its target audience.
Digitally native: The new brand is designed to be effective in the digital age, with a focus on user experience and engagement.