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Rethinking, redesigning and improving the website for the Board of Deputies

The Board of Deputies of British Jews approached Graphical to create a new internet presence.

The extraordinary journey of a regular user

After a few days of workshoping to gather all the crucial information we needed to get started, we focused on several main angles. On one side, we worked on the creation of a simple, but comprehensive user experience for a really broad set of potential visitors ranging from members of the UK Jewish community to legislators, volunteers, the press and the many people unclear as to what the Board actually does. How can we drive people to our their main areas of activities and at the same time allow people to use the site as a specific community resource for elements like the new Communal Diary. 

Plan, plan and plan again

A big chunk of our energy was spent on carefully crafting highly immersive pages while building a design language which is both consistent and understandable. Starting from scratch, we had to make sure the elements we were building made sense when it came to delivering on a large-scale platform, and regarding a large number of potential user. Moreover, we knew those pages would later be fully CMS manageable, extending the challenge to a whole different scale.

On the go

Of course, all the content and all the experience was not only optimised for mobile, but was also clearly imagined and crafted to ensure the same immersive experience you would get on desktop. More than ever, the tools we built needed to be easy to use and accessible too.