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Creating a new brand for Vodafone

With a range of beautiful designed smart devices Vodafone it has transitioned from a TelCo to a TechCo – giving customers an end-to-end experience. Vodafone needed a brand which positioned them as an international player in the Smart Device category. Graphical worked with the in-house design team to create new brand and visual identity. With a pared back grey colour palette matched by a subtle still life photographic visual and some cool illustrations the new brand reflects their values of trust, desirability and innovation. We built out a brand playbook for the new “designed and connected” brand, showcasing in detail all elements of the creative palette, including guidance on usage both on and offline.

The creation of illustration helped demonstrate product features and use cases in a concise way, that would normally feel contrived through stock photograph and enabled us to tell a clear story around functional aspects of a product and narrative elements such as set-up guides and infographics. It added personality in a subtle way, whilst maintaining universal appeal beyond often un-relatable model-based photography.